Who reads a Cover Letter?

Who reads a cover letter?

I advise putting your time into creating an outstanding cv instead.
Candidates sometimes ask, should I attach a cover letter, hmmm!!
I think No, Don’t do it.
You have a short window of time to capture the attention and engage your future employer.
Use it wisely.
If too much time is spent trailing through your cover letter, by the time one gets to your cv, they will have lost interest.
I advise instead of battling with a cover letter where each sentence begins with “ I “ turn your energy toward your cv and the brief well paragraphed email to introduce yourself.
I do advise an introduction. I fail to see the sense in attaching a cover letter and cv to email and leaving the content of the email almost blank.

  • Introduce yourself via email
     Who you are?
     The reason you are applying
     Why the role/ company attracts you
     A few lines on your education and years of experience
     Thank your potential employer for their time
  • Let your CV do the rest!

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