The Recruiter Never Called, Here’s Why

I often read comments talking about how recruiters are useless, don’t do their job properly, don’t come back with feedback, didn’t respond to my application, didn’t give feedback on my cv, didn’t return my phone call, failed to get me any interviews and this list goes on…

There may be some useless recruiters out there but if a recruiter is in the job more than 3 years, they are far from useless, they are damn good. If you are not successfully placing people no company will continue to pay you for merely turning up to work, switching on you pc and sitting on the chair. There are monthly targets and if you don’t meet them, you don’t succeed.

They didn’t come back with feedback on your cv or respond to your application as they have received hundreds of applications for the role and will only call the most suitable candidates , but do you. want to be called about a role you are not suited too. This is a waste of your time and mine. You may feel you are suited but the spec might not be a reflection of what the  employer is looking for.. hence they hired a recruiter to find the most suitable person.

Not returning calls, I do believe can be rude but again if you are not suitable for a role do you really want to spend 20 mins of your time talking about why you are not suitable. Wouldn’t it be better to have a conversation about a role that you are suited too..

Failing to get you any interviews, again, do you want to take your annual leave from work to attend an interview that you have no chance of getting to the second round

It is like choosing a solicitor, a doctor a builder, a plumber, there are good and bad.

Choose wisely.

Make the effort to actually the read job spec.

Contact the recruiter directly if you feel you suited and you feel they may have over looked your cv, contact the recruiter that is advertising jobs that are suitable to your profile. If they ask you to meet, don’t make excuses and cancel ten times. Meet the recruiter if you can, return calls. They will remember you and make the effort to put you forward….be practical, sensible and positive..

Good luck in your search from all at Purcelloleary Recruitment

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