The advice you didn’t know you needed, when meeting a recruiter –

So recently I had a face to face meeting with a business client, regarding an open position I would work. The client held a senior position but as the meeting transpired I suspected that person may indeed maybe looking for a new position.

It got me thinking about questions that candidates ask recruiters. What do recruiters need to hear! The recruiter is the representative, the middle man or woman so to speak. You want them to do their best for you! If the job comes down to you and one other person and the recruiter is asked for their opinion, you want them to promote you!!

You might think this doesn’t happen, but it often does and I would choose the person I found best to work with.

First up and most popular…….

Should I say I have met many agencies?

No, do not say you have sent your cv to every agency (and please don’t do this )in the city but do register with two to three.

Don’t meet or send your cv to many agencies but don’t commit yourself to just one for more than a couple of days. I have in the past met candidates that I knew I could place and I have asked them if they will work with me exclusively when I am 100% certain that I can place this person in very suitable position. In this case, I am working on roles that exactly match what they are looking for. It happens a couple of time a year!! As a candidate make your own decision on this.

Keep a list of the agencies you have sent your too.

Beware of the agency that sends your cv without your permission and this happens.

The downside is, your cv ending up at companies that you definitely would not ever want to work there and or it arrives on the desk of the hiring manager from two different agencies. In some cases, the client will then not interview the candidate, to avoid conflict with the agencies and because the candidate appears careless as to where their cv has been sent and by whom.

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