Working From Home TIPS



Working from Monday to Friday (9 to 5.30)


Choose your new working location:


Good wifi is essential for anyone working from home.

It is possible that you already have an office room in your home, but can you see yourself sitting hours of your day without the walls closing in and the ceiling closing.


Do not be in space where you will face asleep on to your keypad and you wake up with the imprints on the side of your face and suddenly its 5.30.


Instead chose wisely. A well-lit space facing the outside world. This will keep you awake and provide you with inspiration (hopefully)


If can face a bay window, long window, French window or patio door do (ensure your lawn have been cut to avoid sheer temptation or climbing out the window and doing t a quick run around with the lawnmower mid-morning. (it is not Saturday)


Keep the rest of the room to the back of you to avoid distraction.


Prepare: like anything preparation is key.

The night before you start work at your new office:


Tidy your work area and all the area visible to your surroundings. You do not want to spend half of your morning putting things back where you belong or especially if you have kids you don’t want to be making the constant trail to the playroom with your gatherings.


Clean (especially with the corona virus lurking) your area. Spray, squirt, wipe down. Again, you do not want to spend most of your morning doing this and then sitting amidst the smell of detergents.

This is not for me or for you either.


What will you wear to work?

Ok so there is no need to worry that you cannot wear the jumper that you bought in pennys for fear of half of the office wearing the same one.

Do you need make up? Maybe let you skin breathe in this new existence.

Do however freshen your face, brush your hair and teeth. Say goodbye to your beloved dressing gown until later in the day.


Do not think about your food cupboards

Or just don’t think about or visit during your working hours. You are at work. You can not dip into the cereal box at 11 or eat your way through your way through the weekly shop but take your coffee break.

Have your usual snacks


Check in

Check in with your work colleagues to get a perspective on how their day is going and what they are doing. This can be motivating and will keep you centred to your business. If you are a manager schedule one to ones


Lunch Break

TAKE YOUR BREAK – you are entitled to this. Under the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 every single employee in Ireland has a legal entitlement to breaks during their working day (or night) and is entitled to have clearly defined rest periods between their working days/nights.

This is your chance to take advantage of the benefits of working from home. Go for that walk or run.  Stick on the dishwasher, washing machine and prepare for your evening meal.


Switch off and enjoy your lunch. Refrain from a boozy lunch where possible :0


Conker the afternoon slump,

How will you do it? So, tempted to just a 5-minute nap around let’s say 3.30 and uhm suddenly it 8.30 and you have lost your day and have no hope of sleeping that night ever!!

Get some air and make a quick call to a friend or relative.


Finishing up

As you would if you were in the office, prepare what you will do tomorrow. Clean your area and leave your work area as you would if you were in the work place. File a way any paper and empty your bin. Clear your desk of cups.

When you work is done, close your laptop. Leave your workstation.


Have some Fun and Relax ( and remember social distancing at this time )





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